Majority of Furniture Not Subject To Tariffs

Not All Furniture is Made in China

Some media outlets have been telling people not to buy furniture because of the impending tariffs on China.  But, the truth is, there’s no reason to let the tariffs scare you off from buying furniture now. Let’s shed some light on a subject that many people are confused about and maybe not sure what to believe.

The truth is NOT all furniture is made in China. Not all furniture is subject to tariffs.

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Clint Engel, Senior Retail Editor, Furniture Today recently wrote in his blog article regarding the furniture industry and the tariffs that Chinese furniture and mattresses accounted for a little less than 33% of all residential furniture and mattresses sold in this country last year. The rest, some 67% comes from other non-tariffed countries or was produced domestically. Which means, that the majority of furniture is not subject to tariffs.

So there’s no reason to let the impending tariffs keep you from buying new furniture. Al’s Furniture has a great selection of American made furniture that is not subject to tariffs. In fact, the majority of Al’s Furniture merchandise will not be affected by the tariffs. So don’t be afraid to come out and check out all the great quality furniture we have to offer.