Newest Options For Your New Sofa and Recliner

power options for your new sofa set

Imagine, relaxing on your day off in your new sofa watching your favorite show. What could make this better? Two of the newest power options – adjustable headrests and a USB charging station would make this better. Now with the press of a button you can smoothly recline and adjust your headrest to find that perfect comfortable position. No longer do you have to use a pillow to hold your head up or not be able to see the TV because you want to recline but your head is at the wrong angle to see comfortably. With the adjustable headrest you can adjust your head position independently of the footrest. Allowing you to find that perfect level of comfort you deserve.

Want to relax on the sofa, but your tablet or phone needs to be charged? No problem, just plug in to the USB charging station and play your favorite apps. With a charging station on each of the power buttons, you no longer have to find the nearest outlet to charge. Use the latest technology from the convenience of your new sofa, loveseat, or recliner. Each of the upholstery companies we carry here at Al’s (Flexsteel, Best Home Furnishings, and Southern Motion) offer these great new power options for your new sofa set and recliner.

Take that short drive Waay out McHenry Avenue to Al’s Furniture in Modesto, and see the newest power options available and feel the comfort for yourself.