Are you getting the right kind of sleep?

Serta iComfort Sleep Systems

If you’re like most people a mattress is just a mattress. A place to sleep and why invest money into something you’re not even awake to enjoy it, right! I know what you’re thinking; the really good mattresses are really expensive.  Depending on how you are thinking about it, you’re right. Some mattresses can get expensive. However let’s rethink why a solid investment can improve your health. Doctors have said for years how a good night sleep is required for optimal health and function. I know most of us already think I get 8 hours on my mattress already. Do you really? Is it solid sleep? Do you toss and turn? Wake up sore? Have medical conditions that make it hard to get comfortable? Here at Al’s Furniture we carry Serta, America’s most trusted mattress company! With a knowledgeable staff to help you get a custom comfort sleep; to really get that solid 8 hours doctors say is required for optimal health. Come in or call for a friendly and trusted review on how to improve your sleep.